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Official Hunt 2023 Rules

Full Rules

The Hunt 2023 (BL3) begins on August 7th at 9:00AM EST and ends on August 13th at 11:59:59PM EST.

This Event is first and foremost a Charity event. Please do your best to fundraise for St. Jude via links in your chat and/or commands in your title (example: “Type !stjude to donate”) or even timers in chat to share the donation link occasionally.

All gameplay MUST BE STREAMED on Twitch.tv, with public Video On Demand (VODs) enabled. Enable VODs in your Creator Dashboard under Settings -> Stream -> VOD Settings -> Store past broadcasts.

The player who completes the Hunt Checklist in the shortest amount of STREAM TIME is the Winner.  Upon obtaining the final item you do NOT have to end your stream to lock in your time. VODs will be used to track these times. As such, there is no daily limit to how many hours you can stream, but we ask all participants to please make sure to take breaks, drink water and remember that first to finish isn’t the winner, it’s all about total stream time. Your timer for each stream will begin the first time you hit PLAY and enter the game. Your ending timer for each stream will STOP when you do your final Save and Quit. This allows streamer to welcome their audience at the start and raid other Hunt streamers as they conclude, without worrying about their total time. 

Character and Difficulty

You must create a new level 1 character and use only that character for the duration of the competition. You may re-start over from scratch, but all points and progress must be reset.

You must select NORMAL difficulty. Do not select easier difficulty.

Guardian Rank must be disabled.

Proof of Drops

Twitch clips must be provided on the Item List page (click Claim) for each drop. You must show the item drop from its source and you must look at the item so the item card appears. Without the item card visible in the clip, the drop will need to be re-farmed.

Legendaries in the Arms Race DLC do NOT need to be extracted to count, you just need to provide proof of the drop.

Legendary dedicated drops from the final Proving Grounds Bosses CAN be counted for points.

Drops from named Cartel enemies CAN be counted even when they spawn outside of Villa Ultraviolet.

True Vault Hunter Mode is allowed but NOT required.

Co-Op Regulations

Co-Op play is allowed and encouraged, but all party members must be signed up and streaming. Non-participants may not assist in any way.

Entering a co-op players game late into any activity is NOT allowed (i.e. waiting for them to have the boss nearly defeated and then joining to get the loot).

You may farm with friends up to the max party size (The Host + 3 Players). Each player must be the same level or within three levels (+/- 3) of the host of the game.

HOWEVER, if a player hits a soft or hard lock in their game (i.e. a mission progression blocker or any other gamebreaking bug that can be overcome by joining a co-op player), they may join any other participating player long enough to complete that mission regardless of player level difference.

If a drop is found while playing with a group, only ONE highlight is needed for each member to claim that drop for points; please make sure to put the names of your co-op partners in the clip title.

Item Restrictions

The Following items sources are NOT allowed for use in the playthrough:

  • Golden Chest
  • Diamond Loot Room
  • Maurice Black Market
  • Vault Cards
  • Vault Card Chests    

Vault Card XP is allowed as there’s no way to disable it.

You can use your bank, but only Arms Race Extraction Loot earned during your Hunt can be taken out. You cannot pass items to your Hunt character from other characters using the bank.

The Special Events (Bloody Harvest, Broken Hearts & Revenge of the Cartels) can be done at ANY time. (Toggle at the character select menu)

You may NOT do the following:

  • Sell old items from your bank or Lost Loot Machine
  • Use super Deluxe or other edition bonus items
  • Use mailed items sent from people on your friends list or items you won from a loot chest or extraction event
  • Accept rare spawn missions in Sanctuary (on the wall before Moxxi’s)

You can use mailed items that NPCs or manufacturers send after completing challenges (Ex. 100 kills with Jakobs weapons, crew challenges, etc).

You may count the Baby Maker and Lyuda for points in your mail if you receive them through the challenges. 

EchoCast Events

You must DISABLE the Moxxtail, Piñata/Party Donkey, and Badass Viewer events.

You MAY ENABLE the Rare Chest and Extraction events, for viewer rewards.

Science boosters from Sanctuary are banned.

You can do the science mission to get the mission XP, but buying boosters is prohibited.

World Drops and Points

Only ONE world drop of your choosing is allowed to be redeemed for points from any random enemy, chest, etc. toward your progress. Note: A world drop is defined as a unique/legendary item that a specific enemy/boss normally doesn’t drop.

You can redeem your world drop choice either immediately when you pick up the item or hold the world drop points for the end of the Hunt. Either way, you are required to clip and LABEL the drop as “WORLD DROP – (ITEM NAME)”.

The Arms Race exclusives can be claimed for points no matter where they drop within Stormblind Complex.

Rocket Boots, Launch Pad, and Rowan’s Call from the Slaughterstar are allowed to be obtained via world drops and counted for points.

You can count all DLC 1 Class Mods for points no matter where they drop within that DLC.

The following items sources are NOT allowed for points unless you choose one as your world drop:

  • Slot machines
  • Vendors (If you are going to count your 1 world drop legendary from a vendor, make sure you purchase the item and make a clip of the purchase for it to count)
  • Gun Gun
  • Lilith chest (after beating the story)
  • Desolations Edge Cube
  • Jackbot loot room (Handsome Jackpot DLC)
  • Bank chests/lockers (Bounty of Blood DLC)
  • Vaulthalla loot rooms (Fantastic Fustercluck DLC)

Unique purple items in DLC 4, The Fantastic Fustercluck are NOT included in The Hunt.

Any Mayhem Exclusive drops during the Maliwan/Guardian takedown, WILL count for points (e.g. the Backburner from Anathema or Scourge).

Gameplay Restrictions

The competition will take place in vanilla Borderlands 3. The usage of any mods or macros are prohibited. ABSOLUTELY NO MODS/CHEATS/TRAINERS OF ANY SORT.

Absolutely no use of Read-Only files. 

You must play on the latest version of the game, with the latest hotfixes. You may not use any mods, even if they’re only visual. And you may not save/profile edit your characters during the event.

Upon entering Mayhem Mode you may no longer disable Mayhem. The only exception is when Tannis forces you to enable it after beating the story you can then turn it immediately off. Once in Mayhem you can increase and decrease Mayhem as much as you like.

Exploits and Glitches

Banned glitches/exploits:

  • Complex Root splash/area of effect boosting (you CAN use the Complex Root, but you CANNOT use it with anything that boosts splash or area of effect related stats. When in doubt, don’t use it)
  • Teleporting vehicles during map transitions
  • Pestilence reload cancel/flying
  • Unlimited skill point stacking
  • Stacking shield effects of any sort
  • Abusing Re-Volter effects via glitches
  • Abusing Phalanx Doctrine via glitches
  • Abusing the Toboggan via glitches
  • Emote cancelling to abuse Multi-Tap, Gargoyle or any other weapon or item.
  • Using photomode to grab the Bounty of Blood DLC bank lootables early
  • Pushing photo mode camera through walls/bars or any other area you can’t access normally.
  • Item duplication
  • Leaving Eista in Fight For Your Life to easily farm him without fighting him (you must kill him for each drop)
  • Refreshing the Vaulthalla armory by walking away and back
  • Skipping Scourge the Invincible from teleporting the player away using Dakka Bear or any other means.
  • Using Dakka Bear to charge crystals in Guardian Takedown
  • Any other obvious glitches/exploits not mentioned here. If it feels cheaty, just avoid it or reach out and ask for clarification.
  • Out of bounds is prohibited. Accidentally going out of bounds is forgiven if you immediately go back or save and quit and do not gain any advantage on competitors.

Exploits that are allowed (Agreed on by the community/NOT game breaking):

  • Rocket jumping
  • Grenade jumping
  • Instant gun reloading
  • Apply damage over time to self (Used for stacking Amara’s Mindfulness skill, activating elemental projector artifacts, activating Moze’s purple tree skills, etc)
  • Resetting scraptrap spawns by walking in and out the arena
  • Respawning Rampager by entering/exiting the vault
  • Overlapping dialogue (Sometimes when you progress a mission fast, dialogue can overlap and skip mission objectives forward)
  • Getting thrown out of Iron Bear to reset cooldown
  • Canceling action skills by opening inventory on Zane
  • Missing phasegrasp on purpose for Amara


OOB Allowed?

Final Story Mission

Areas Unlocked

Borderlands 2

Yes, after turning in:

Talon of God

Sanctuary/Claptrap's Place/Southern Shelf/Three Horns/Southpaw Steam & Power/Frostburn Canyon/ The Dust/Friendship Gulag/Bloodshot Stronghold/Tundra Express/The Fridge/The Highlands/Caustic Caverns/ Wildlife Exploitation Preserve/Thousand Cuts/Lynchwood/Opportunity/Eridium Blight/Sawtooth Cauldron/ Arid Nexus/Hero's Pass

Pirate's Booty

Yes, after turning in:

X Marks The Spot

Oasis/Wurmwater/Hayter's Folly/The Rustyards/Washburne Refinery/Magnys Lighthouse*

Campaign of Carnage

Yes, after turning in:

Long Way to the Top

Badass Crater of Badassitude/The Beatdown/Badass Crater Bar/Southern Raceway/Forge

Hammerlock's Hunt

Yes, after turning in:

The Fall of Nakayama

Hunter's Grotto/Scylla's Grove/Ardorton Station/Candlerakk's Crag

Dragon Keep

Yes, after turning in:

A Game of Games

Unassuming Docks/Flamerock Refuge/The Forest/Immortal Woods/Mines of Avarice/Hatred's Shadow/Lair of Infinite Agony/Dragon Keep

Fight For Sanctuary

Yes, after turning in:

Paradise Found

The Backburner/Dahl Abandon/The Burrows/Helios Fallen/Mt. Scarab Research Center

Bloody Harvest

Yes, after turning in:

The Bloody Harvest

Hallowed Hollow

Wattle Gobbler

Yes, after turning in:

The Hunger Pangs

Gluttony Gulch

Mercenary Day

Yes, after turning in:

Get Frosty

Frost Bottom

Wedding Day Massacre

Yes, after turning in:

A Match Made On Pandora

Rotgut Distillery

Son of Crawmerax

Yes, after turning in:

Fun, Sun and Guns

Wam Bam Island

Digistruct Peak



Digistrict Peak

The Hunt 2023